Will You be My Lover? or Do You Want to be My Boyfriend? Could you marry me?

Love is trembling happiness. Key to be lasting in love is a consistent belief. Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit. Despite being in the crowd, someone will feel lonely without a love. True love is love which only for two person, and no place for the third person. Do not let a fear surrounds you when you are falling in love someone. He’s not perfect, because a he will never able to be perfect.


All of the gold and diamond in the world are not enough to buy the love I have for you. Meeting you was fate,becoming your friend is choice, but falling in love with you is out of my control. You know you are in love when you can not fall asleep. That's because the reality is finally more beautiful than your dreams. 

This thing about you that you think is your flaw, it’s the reason I’m falling in love with you. Falling in love is easy. Falling in love with the same person repeatedly is extraordinary, and everyday I fall in love with you.

i am fall in love with your smile
i am fall in love with your voice
i am fall in love with your body
i am fall in love with your laugh
i am fall in love with your eye
i am fall in love with you

You are my dream, you are my live, I cannot throw you away from my brain and Let my dreams come true. You are part of my heart, you stay in my heart, and you are my biggest n why I life. 

You are not my number one
But, your are my only one

I never believed in love at first sight and still don't, but ours is probably as close as it can get. I sometimes write poems and I read them later, I realize they were about you.

When the First time I met you, I know that you are part of my breath, Without you I am blank, I loss part of my life. Could you be mine? because Without you I am nothing, and without you I am just like a life corpse. The impression of seeing you interestingly, as though the time has halted. Without a word , you let me know love. Without a word, you give me cherish. My eyes must you. I can not stop loving you, I can not stop thinking about you, and I cannot live without you We have different past time, but now i want to talk about our future, could you be mine? Life is not complete without you, I want to make my future to be better with you, Could you marry me? Listening to you let me know “I adore you”, It feels like I have everything in this world.

i will wait for you because
i don't want anyone else

i just want you that is it
all your flaw, mistake, smile, giggles, jokes, sarcasm, everything
i just want you

I won’t not have the capacity to give you the entire world however I guarantee you, I will be a man who is just for you. Regardless of the possibility that I’m conceived once more, I need to take a gander at just you until the end of time. There are three things I cherish, the sun, the moon and you. The sun for the day. The moon for the night, and you for ever.

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